Fall 2022 Courses:

In person (with online features and access) and fully online courses for SSAT and HSPT exams.

SSAT Fall Courses

Online Only

$400 $425

  • Includes approximately 22 Zoom sessions
  • Textbook and flashcards will be mailed to students upon registration
  • Access to recorded library of videos and three online practice tests
  • Mondays / Wednesdays @7pm – 7:50pm Zoom meeting
  • Targeting the November, December, and January tests (not the October test)
  • Begins Monday, September 26th
  • Students can remain in the course until they take the test
  • Class ends on or about Wednesday, December 21st

SSAT Class in person

(with weekly Zoom HW help)

$625 $675

  • In person classes meet on Tuesday / Friday from 5-6:30pm 
  • SSAT x6 in-person class meetings for 1.5hrs.
  • Wednesday night Zoom for HW help at 8pm and additional support
  • All Classes meet at Mater Dei School, Bethesda, MD 20817 in the 8A homeroom
  • Access to all recorded videos and online tests
  • Traditional textbook and flashcards included in the tuition. 
  • Access to all features of the online course, including three online practice tests
Session 1: Prepare for October Test (10/15/22) Go To Course
Session 2: Prepare for November Test (11/5/22) Go To Course
Session 3: Prepare for December Test (12/10/22) Go To Course

HSPT Fall Courses

HSPT Online Thursdays Session

$300 $325


  • Classes meet via Zoom
  • Starts on September 22nd and runs every Thursday (not Thanksgiving Day) until students take the test

  • Class will wrap up on or about December 9th

  • Access to all recorded videos for “hot button” questions and online practice tests

Sunday HSPT in Person

(with weekly Zoom HW help)

$425 $450


  • Class starts on Sunday, October 9th 
  • ends Sunday, November 20th
  • 7 in person sessions
  • Classes meet on Sundays at Mater Dei School, Bethesda, MD 20817, 8A Homeroom
  • Online HW help and extra practice Mondays at 8pm
  • Online sessions recorded and posted
  • Access to all recorded videos and online tests
HSPT Class (11am – 12:15pm) Go To Course
HSPT Class(1pm-2:15)  Go To Course
HSPT Class (3pm – 4:15) Go To Course